Pumpkin Scones with Two Glazes: Recipe #258

Everyone except me likes pumpkin spice. (At least in our house.) So once a year I buy the cans of pumpkin and the house turns into a pumpkin spice factory. These dairy-free pumpkin scones are a special treat that are very popular around here.

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins: Recipe #254

Bananas and chocolate in a convenient portable (vegan) muffin cup. What could be better? Thanks to Megan for this recipe. I was skeptical about using 4 bananas for one dozen muffins, but it really makes them so moist. They’re definitely the best banana chocolate chip muffins I’ve ever tasted!

Chocolate Raspberry Brioche Buns: Recipe #240

Chocolate raspberry brioche buns are clouds of fluffy bread stuffed with a single raspberry and a square of chocolate that melt together as they bake. You bite into one and a burst of flavor comes through the soft pillowy brioche. Magical.