At the end of a long day, a sweet treat is definitely called for. Our house gravitates towards chocolate, but I’ve included lots of choices for non-chocoholics too. I hope you enjoy these plant-based dessert recipes! ❤️

Fudgiest Brownies (plant-based)

Some days you just need a good fudgy brownie to hit the spot. This recipe is made without dairy or eggs, and is arguably more satisfying than a traditional non-vegan brownie – everyone here gobbles these plant-based brownies up with gusto.

Moist Vegan Chocolate Cake: Recipe #256

I’ve never put olive oil in a cake before, but this came out as just about the moistest, most flavorful chocolate cake we’ve ever eaten! We spread apricot jam between the layers, and the hints of vanilla-almond-chocolate-coconut really make it a cake worth having third helpings.