Cafe Menu

I’m curious what you’d most like from a plant-based, mostly gluten-free cafe. Here’s my working menu.

Maitri Cooks (The Cafe)


Who doesn’t love homemade vegan treats for breakfast? Everything here can be grabbed to go or savored in the cafe with a good, strong espresso or plant-based latte.

Hawaii oatcakes
Overnight PB oats (GF)
Banana chocolate chip muffins
Apple oatmeal raisin muffins (GF)
Mom’s all-time favorite bran muffins
Berry coconut bread pudding
Best banana bread
Dad’s porridge (GF)
Molasses raisin toast
5-fruit Chelsea buns


Warm, nourishing comfort food, made from plants with love. Enjoy a beautiful break in your day or bring some home for a spirit-lifting dinner later on.

Hearty meatless burgers (GF)
Coconut ginger dal (GF)
Spinach potato soup (GF)
Split pea soup with balsamic maple tempeh bites (GF)
Maitri’s favorite chili with rice (GF)
Moroccan vegetable tagine (GF)
Cauliflower tikka masala (GF)
Shepherd’s pie (GF)
Lasagna with tofu ricotta
Sunflower mac & cheeze


Sweets for your sweet, your office, your family, or your magnificent self. 100% plant-based, these delicious morsels will keep you coming back for more.

Fudgiest carob brownies (GF)
Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
Grandma’s old faithfuls
Chocolate coconut pudding (GF)
Chocolate truffle bites (GF)
Date squares (GF)
Moist chocolate layer cake
Fruit tart with custard filling
Seasonal local fruit cobbler
Chocolate almond bark (GF)

A testimonial from someone who loves the cafe.

— Jane Doe