When we were both working long hours, the last thing we wanted to do when we finished a tiring day was think about what’s for dinner. Especially with hungry kids bouncing around the house!

So I came up with a rotating two-week meal plan, including shopping lists, to make family dinners more about connecting conversation and less about stressful decisions.

These meals are optimized for:
• High confidence that kids of all ages will find them tasty
• Easy and quick to prepare for parental sanity
• Nutritionally balanced to keep everyone healthy

From our family to yours… I hope you enjoy the Family Meal Plan for Busy Parents. Bon appetit!

I was meditating on life and death earlier this year, and I asked myself, if I only had this year left to live, what would I have to do before I pass?

The answer was simple and immediate.

Write down all the hard-won lessons I’ve learned in life to pass on to my kids.

Like a ninja-level guide for them.

How to master emotions, build strong relationships, and impact the world. (Or at least what I’ve learned about how to do that.)

And so this guide was born!

It includes:
– an emotional toolbox to support you through anything
– insights and experiments to get you where you want to go
– quotes, poems, and art to inspire your day

I hope Learning to Shine helps you with whatever is happening in your life right now.