Comfort Food: Recipes That Give You a Warm Hug

This week I’ve pulled out some of our comfiest recipes for when you need to whip up some good, old-fashioned, homemade comfort food.

I’d love to hear about your favorite recipes too!

Wishing you love and peace in your day today.

#1: Breakfast Quiche

A savory breakfast is a nice change around here. This quiche with mushrooms, peppers, spinach, and feta cheese would be good any time of day though. Inspired by an Esalen recipe, it’s a flexible pastry and egg dish that can work nicely with a variety of your favorite meats, cheese, or veggies. Feel free to adapt to your taste!

#2. Thai Peanut Soba Veggie Bowl

This is a very comforting dish of soba noodles, tofu, and cabbage with a creamy gingery Thai peanut sauce. I would eat this any day of the week, and we all went back for a healthy second bowl.

#3. German Cabbage Rolls

If you’re looking for comfort food in Germany or Russia, you might come across this dish of cabbage, beef, rice, onions, and tomato. I know it from the Mennonite tradition in Canada, as the first dish Tim’s grandmother made for me. It is also fantastic as leftovers, so I make a big tray and it lasts for at least 3 dinners.

#4. Cauliflower Tikka Masala

We love the creamy curry-ness of a good chicken tikka, but now we’re eating more of a plant-based diet. What to do? Fortunately Jamie Oliver came to the rescue with the inspiration for this cauliflower tikka masala recipe. Very comforting comfort food, and healthy to boot.

#5. Pasta Amatriciana with Pepperoni & Garbanzos

Everyone goes back for seconds on this dish! It’s pasta covered in a rich tomato sauce, with chopped up bits of garlic, pepperoni, and garbanzo beans, all topped with pecorino romano cheese. Super easy and quick to make too. It’s a great weeknight dinner to whip up.

#6. Lentils with Spinach & Sausages

This is a tasty and nutritious Italian peasant dish, which you can serve for lunch or dinner with pasta or fresh bread. I used chicken sausages, fresh chopped spinach, and the secret ingredient to any lentil soup – celery! 

#7. British Shepherd’s Pie

I had nannies from England when I was little, and some of the things they taught us were traditional British recipes. Shepherd’s pie, bubble and squeak, bangers and mash, Yorkshire pudding – all the classics. We all love a good shepherd’s pie here. I cook up a big casserole every few weeks and it lasts for 2-3 dinners.

#8. Leek and Olive Pizza with Whole Wheat Crust

Imagine a pizza you might have at a self-care retreat on the coast of France – loaded with caramelized onions and leeks, mozzarella, and kalamata olives on a nourishing, partly whole wheat crust. That’s what this sumptuous dinner is, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

#9. Fudgiest Plant-Based Brownies: decadent comfort food!

Some days you just need a good fudgy brownie to hit the spot. This recipe is made without dairy or eggs, and is arguably more satisfying than a traditional non-vegan brownie – everyone here gobbles these up with gusto. It’s also super quick to throw together for a serious chocolate emergency.

Many blessings from our home to yours for a wonderful weekend and week ahead. Please feel free to forward this to a friend who might enjoy some comforting comfort food treats today.

Happy cooking!
Maitri Alexandra 🙂

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