Nutritionally-Balanced Recipes to Keep You Happy and Healthy

When someone in our house is having a hard day, the way I like to help best is by making a healing, nourishing meal for all of us. Here are some go-to nutritionally-balanced recipes I pull out for whenever we need some extra tender loving care.

I hope they bring you comfort, extra health, and happiness too.

Wishing you ease and strength in your day today.

#1: Lentils and Greens with Goddess Dressing

There are a million ways to assemble a rice bowl, and this one is especially delicious. You cook lentils, rice, and celery together, top it with sauteed farm fresh onions and greens, then drizzle with a divine lemon tahini vegan dressing. It will help you feel amazing!

#2. Green Peas and Ham Risotto

Instead of green eggs and ham (that’s another recipe to come for avocado scrambled eggs), how about green peas and ham? This risotto uses a mix of blended and whole peas to create the vibrant color and luxurious taste. I hope you try this for lunch or dinner sometime, it’s a treat!

#3. California Pad Thai

Noodles are always a favorite around here. This is our California-inspired version of pad thai, a traditional stirfry favorite from the streets of Thailand.

#4. Five-Layer Dip from Jan and Nick

This amazing dip recipe comes from my in-laws in Canada. It’s a crowd-pleaser, super easy to make, and nutritious too! We like to have it at home for lunch or a snack, but it’s also a great potluck idea for the holidays.

#5. Coconut Cranberry Spinach

This is a fantastic spinach dish originally from Tanzania (called mchicha wa nazi). It has spinach, onions, and cranberries simmered in coconut milk, and I threw a bit of roasted chicken in too. We served it over rice, but it would also make a nourishing meal on its own. It’s too good not to try it!

#6. Mashed Cauliflower Potatoes with Mushrooms

Here is a healthy version of mashed potatoes with gravy, a classic comfort food. We mash cauliflower in with the potatoes for a lovely moistness, then smother it in a vegan mushroom gravy that satisfies even the folks who are used to meat and dairy-based gravies. 

#7. Healing Lentil Soup

Lentils and turmeric are both superfoods, filled with benefits for the human body as well as our mental health. This is a comforting soup that mixes in some potato, onion, and sage for a lovely dinner. I like to have it with some stir-fried greens on the side. It’s one of my favorite nutritionally-balanced recipes and a meal that makes my whole self smile.

#8. Asparagus Leek Potato Soup

In the spring and early summer, we can get fresh asparagus delivered in our farm box. One of the treats I like to make when this happens is a creamy asparagus and potato soup with leeks and sage. It’s a comforting, nourishing bowl of healing goodness.

#9. Moroccan Chicken Couscous

What happens when you marry couscous, or little balls of pasta, with oranges, lemons, cumin, chicken, and a bright array of vegetables? Kind of a party in your mouth. My kids’ reaction: “Wow! My tongue is so confused. Can I have some more?” I hope your family enjoys this healthy and tasty couscous creation too. Feel free to improvise with whatever veggies you have on hand!

Many blessings from our home to yours for a wonderful weekend and week ahead. Please feel free to forward this to a friend who might need a bit of extra TLC in the form of nutritionally-balanced recipes today.

Happy cooking!
Maitri Alexandra 🙂

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