Family-Friendly Recipes at Our House

Sheltering in place can be tough, with emotions running high and lots of different energies bouncing around. One thing that helps me stay grounded is keeping to a daily cooking routine. If you find yourself with extra time on your hands at home these days, perhaps you’d like to be adventurous and try some new family-friendly recipes?

I’ve put together the top nine recipes that we make most often at our house. These are our most-requested family favorites. They’re delicious and also beneficial for the planet. I hope they bring you some joy and comfort in this extraordinary time.

May we use this opportunity to serve each other and our world, and may we learn to live more sustainably together.

Wishing you ease and calm in your day today.

#1: Superfood salad for lunch

I eat this superfood salad for lunch most days. It’s easy to throw together, tastes great, and I know it has a lot of the nutrients my body needs. If you need a way to get fresh veggies, you might try a CSA (community supported agriculture) box to support your local farmers. Here in California we enjoy the customizable Farm Fresh to You boxes every week.

#2. Family pizza night for dinner

Once a week or so, we have family pizza night. On this momentous day, we make our homemade dough, dress our pizza with whatever toppings we like, choose a movie, and all eat on the couch instead of at our usual dinner table. Lately we’ve been making a plant-based version of this with extra veggies and no meat. Everyone loves pizza night!

#3&4. Fluffy pancakes with blueberry sauce for breakfast

These are our favorite fluffy pancakes. You get moistness from the apples, heartiness from the whole wheat, and they’re so fluffy they soak up as much maple syrup or blueberry sauce as you want to put on them. Great for a Saturday morning (with leftovers on Sunday morning!)

#5. Banana bread for snack time

One of my favorite comforting treats for breakfast, snacks, tea time or dessert is a good homemade banana bread. This one is moist and scrumptious, and based on a breakfast I enjoyed at a retreat center once. It’s also a great way to use up leftover bananas. A fresh banana bread never lasts long around here! Definitely one of our family-friendly recipes.

#6. Spaghetti with beans and greens for dinner

When I don’t know what to make for dinner, I usually throw together some kind of pasta dish. Here we have a lovely garlicky tomato sauce with pinto beans and chopped up greens (baby kale, chard, and spinach), topped with pecorino romano cheese or nutritional yeast. Most folks went back for seconds!

#7. Homemade honey wheat bread for anytime

This is our everyday bread – great for toast, sandwiches, snacking, or even breadcrumbs. I make it about every other week and it always gets used up. The whole wheat and honey mix together for a grounding, nourishing flavor that’s like a warm hug.

#8. Greens with ginger peanut sauce as a side

Greens with ginger peanut sauce is a go-to side dish whenever we have extra veggies lying around. It tastes like a party in your mouth and is full of superfood nutrients. Get ready for some plant-based enjoyment!

#9. Chocolate coconut truffle bites for dessert

These truffle bites are SO GOOD!!!! It’s hard to believe they’re plant-based (no butter, no refined sugar, no cream). You have to try them. Seriously. 

Many blessings from our home to yours. Happy cooking with these family-friendly recipes! Hope you love them as much as we do. ❤️🤗

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