Roasted Root Vegetables: Recipe #108

With winter veggies, it’s easy to throw everything in the oven and have a nice roasted medley for dinner. You can pair this with a soup or heartier entree. I used a yam, some turnips from the farm, and brussels sprouts. Other root or winter vegetables would work well too for this dish of roasted root vegetables – like onions, carrots, or potatoes.

This is part of our 1,000 Food Experiments to create sustainable meals for our family and hopefully yours.

Ingredients ($6 total)

1 large yam – $0.89
6 small turnips – free from the farm
1 lb brussels sprouts – $3.99
2 tbsp olive oil – $0.50
1 tsp each rosemary and oregano – $0.56
Salt and pepper to taste

Directions for Roasted Root Vegetables

1. Wash, peel, and chop the vegetables up into bite-sized pieces. Put in a glass baking dish. Add the olive oil, spices, salt and pepper, and toss to coat all the veggies. Feel free to use your hands!

2. Bake at 475F for 35 minutes until they’re nice and soft and roasty. Stir half-way through to ensure even cooking. Serve your roasted root vegetables as a side dish or its own meal. So easy!

Sustainability Score (explained here)

  • Time to make: 2 = 1-3 hours including prep
  • Servings: 3 = lots of leftovers
  • Cost per person (prices based on Trader Joe’s/Costco): 3 = <$5
  • Deliciousness: 2 – decent meal
  • Environmental impact: 3 = minimal damage
  • Nutritional value: 3 = optimal nutrition
  • TOTAL: 16/18

If you tried it, please let me know how it came out for you. Wishing you and your family a healthy, happy day!

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