Baked Teriyaki Salmon and Eggplant: #84 of 1000 Sustainable Food Experiments

I love anything teriyaki, and when the youngest kids are not with us we can venture into acquired tastes like eggplant and salmon, with cabbage-mashed-potatoes on the side. This was a very healing and comforting dinner, without too much prep work. 

This is part of our 1,000 Food Experiments to create sustainable meals for our family and hopefully yours.

Ingredients ($13 total)

1 lb salmon fillet – $9.59
1 eggplant – $1.39
1/2 bottle Soyaki or teriyaki sauce – $1.85


1. Pour the teriyaki sauce over the salmon and eggplant, and if you have time, cover and marinate in the fridge for about half an hour or more. Pull the eggplant out of the marinade and bake at 425F for 10 minutes, since the eggplant needs about twice as long in the oven as the salmon. Then pull the salmon out of the marinade, drop the temperature to 400F, and add the salmon to the eggplant baking sheet for 12 minutes more. Make sure to save the marinade for step 2!

2. While things are baking, heat the remaining marinade in a small pot, stirring frequently, to thicken it up into a nice teriyaki glaze.

3. Remove the eggplant and salmon from the oven, cut off individual-sized pieces, and serve with the teriyaki glaze drizzled over top. We also made mashed potatoes with cabbage to go with it.

Sustainability Score (explained here)

  • Time to make: 3 = <1 hour
  • Servings:  2 = 4-6 servings
  • Cost per person (prices based on Trader Joe’s/Costco): 3 = <$5
  • Deliciousness: 3 = when are we having this again?
  • Environmental impact: 1 = wowzers (salmon from Norway)
  • Nutritional value: 3 = optimal nutrition
  • TOTAL: 15/18

If you tried it, please let me know how it came out for you. Wishing you and your family a healthy, happy day!

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