Australian Pie Floaters: #83 of 1000 Sustainable Food Experiments

When I first heard about this recipe, I thought it was strange to put a meat pie in a puddle of pea soup. But it actually turns out to be fantastic, like adding a healthy gravy to moisten your pie. I prototyped this recipe with store-bought pies and soup, but of course you could make your own too.

This is part of our 1,000 Food Experiments to create sustainable meals for our family and hopefully yours.

Ingredients ($10 total)

2 steak and stout pies (or other pot pies) – $6.99
1 package split pea soup – $1.99
6 oz sugar snap peas – $1.25


1. Heat the meat pies in the oven according to package directions (or get fancy and make your own homemade pies.)

2. Near the end of the pie baking time, heat the split pea soup in a small pot and add the sugar snap peas (or make your own split pea soup). 

3. Serve in individual bowls with the soup on the bottom and the pie placed gently on top. A nourishing winter dinner to warm hearts and bellies.

Sustainability Score (explained here)

  • Time to make: 2 = 1-3 hours
  • Servings:  1 = <4 servings
  • Cost per person (prices based on Trader Joe’s/Costco): 3 = <$5
  • Deliciousness: 3 = when are we having this again?
  • Environmental impact: 1 = wowzers (beef)
  • Nutritional value: 2 = healthy-ish
  • TOTAL: 12/18

If you tried it, please let me know how it came out for you. Wishing you and your family a healthy, happy day!

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