Omelette Aux Fines Herbes: #14 of 1000 Sustainable Food Experiments

A straight up French omelette can make a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack. Super simple once you get the technique down. All you need is a few eggs, a little butter or oil, and whatever herbs and spices you have on hand. Enjoy!

This is part of our 1,000 Food Experiments to create sustainable meals for our family and hopefully yours.

Ingredients ($3.00 total)

6 eggs (up to 4 of them can be just egg whites) – $1.75
1/4 cup chopped fresh herbs (I used chives) – $0.90
2 tbsp butter of canola oil – $0.31
Salt and pepper to taste


1. In a small bowl, use a fork (not a whisk, because that will introduce too much air) to mix the eggs, salt and pepper. Stir in the chopped herbs.

2. In a large pan, heat the butter or oil over pretty high heat. When it’s hot, add the egg mix and shake the pan around for about 2 minutes until the egg is mostly solidified, then let it cook for 10 seconds to create a nice skin underneath. An alternate technique is to keep lifting the sides of the omelet all the way around so the egg liquid on top runs underneath.

3. Once it’s still a bit wet on top but has a nice brown color underneath, you have the option to add cheese or other toppings (or just leave it plain and simple), then use a spatula or fancy pan-flipping work to fold half of the omelet over the other half.

Serve hot, with your favorite bready side.

Sustainability Score (explained here)

  • Time to make: 3 = <1 hour
  • Servings:  1 = <4 servings
  • Cost per person (prices based on Trader Joe’s/Costco): 3 = <$5
  • Deliciousness: 3 = when are we having this again?
  • Environmental impact: 3 = minimal damage
  • Nutritional value: 2 = healthy-ish
  • TOTAL: 15/18

If you tried it, please let me know how it came out for you. Wishing you and your family a healthy, happy day!

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