1,000 Sustainable Food Experiments

Inspired by the book 1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die and the BBC series The Great British Bakeoff, we travel the culinary world without leaving our kitchen, and share the stories and data with you.

Here are our most-cooked recipes that you might like to try, and our favorite breads we make at home.

We score each food according to several measures for sustainability:

Search for your favorite food above, or check out the list and links to each recipe below. Enjoy!

Most Recent 100 Recipes…

Sustainability Matrix

This is our matrix for determining how sustainable each meal is:

  • Time to make 
    • 1 = 3+ hours
    • 2 = 1-2 hours
    • 3 = <1 hour
  • Servings 
    • 1 = <4 servings
    • 2 = 4-6 servings
    • 3 = lots of leftovers
  • Cost per person 
    • 1 = >$10
    • 2 = $5-10
    • 3 = <$5
  • Deliciousness 
    • 1 = inedible
    • 2 = decent meal
    • 3 = when are we having this again?
  • Environmental impact 
    • 1 = wowzers (endangered/imported)
    • 2 = moderate impact
    • 3 = minimal damage
  • Nutritional value
    • 1 = eat rarely (high sugar/fat)
    • 2 = healthy-ish
    • 3 = optimal nutrition

Each factor is scored 1, 2, or 3 according to how long it takes, how much it costs, etc. Then the scores are all added up to get the overall sustainability score, which has a maximum of 18.

Anything that scores over 15 goes into our family favorites cookbook.

Recipes still to come…

Pigs in a blanket
Yorkshire pudding
Potted shrimp
BLT sandwich
Schwarzwalderkirschtorte (Black forest cake)
Black walnuts
Toaster marshmallows
Ahashoo (nut taffy)
Tzimmes (brisket stew)
Amaretti (almond cookies)
Haddock fish and chips with tartar sauce
Aligot (potatoes and cheese)
Afghan biscuits (chocolate cookies)
Apple pandowdy (apples with dumplings)
Sorrento lemons
Mint tea
Pischinger torte
Lobster Savannah
Acar timun (pickles)
Futomaki sushi
Peach melba
Steamed fish with ginger and scallions
Double chocolate pudding
Shellfish arreganata
Caesar salad
Granny smith apples
Melon with strawberries and kirsch
Langue de chat cookies
Pina colada
Thomas’ English muffins
Pecan pie
Steak frites
Blood oranges
Creamed spinach
Sweet Georgia peaches
Blini with caviar
Chocolate fondant
Hot dog
Baked Rome beauty apples with vanilla ice cream
Affogato (coffee and ice cream)
Creme brulee
Anticuchos (beef kebabs)
Trifle/tipsy laird
Summer pudding
Pots de creme au chocolat
Baked Idaho russet potatoes
Lady Baltimore cake
Ropa vieja
Apple pie (Cortland or Northern spy apples, cheddar crust)
Banana blossoms
Welsh rarebit
Tapas: boquerones, tortillas de camarones, papas alina, patatas bravas, montados de lomo, chorizo a la plancha, anchovies, olives, cheese
McConnell’s Turkish coffee ice cream
Salami and eggs
Chocolate milkshake
Croque monsieur
Olla podrida
Cheese blintzes
Steamed syrup sponge pudding
Ong choy
Anzac biscuits (oat coconut cookies)
Zwetschgenknodel (plum-stuffed potato dumplings)
Pastrami and corned beef
Viennese coffee
Kaeng kari
Transylvanian baked sauerkraut with sausages
Angolotti (stuffed pasta)
Dried fruit compote
Torta caprese
Pasta carbonara
Fried clam roll
Kladdkakans dag
Bread fried in bacon grease
Ruis bread
Victorian seed cake
Fresh onion soup
Shellfish in black bean sauce
Thai chicken curry
Kulebyaka (salmon dill mushroom pie)
Cashew chicken
Manhattan clam chowder
New England clam chowder
Kale caesar salad with crispy black beans
Chinese veggie stirfry
Saratoga potato chips
Idli and vada
Crab cakes
Italian wedding soup
Turkey zucchini meatloaf
Scallop, bacon and pea pasta
Sesame ginger salmon
Spring hodgepodge
Creamy veggie soup
Pork buns
Shoofly pie
GBB7 Week 3 – Bread: Dampfnudel
Mousse au chocolat
Irish whiskey cheesecake
Chicken marsala
Scordolea (garlic mashed potatoes)
Yekik alich’a (yellow split peas with turmeric)
Almond nougat
Snitz pie
Green almonds
Cape gooseberry
Chocolate bourbon cake
Kaeng keow wan (thai green curry chicken soup)
Artichauts a la Barigoule (peasant artichokes)
Roti / chapati with sambal
White asparagus
Dill and caraway
Temaki sushi
Aish-el-saraya (palace bread pudding)
Dulce de leche
Heather honey
Gado-gado salad
Miso soup
Smoked salmon
Damper (bread)
Risotto verde
Smorkage (butter cake)
Golden yoich (Chicken soup)
Murabba el balah (dates stuffed with almonds)
Kiwi fruit
Nigiri sushi
Aush (chili with noodles)
Aushak (leek ravioli with lamb sauce and yogurt)
Bharta (roasted eggplant mash)
Borani (spinach yogurt dip)
Bulanee gandana (flatbread with veggie filling)
Kebab-e-murgh (chicken kebabs)
Korma-e-sabzi (spinach stew)
Mashawa (chili)
Quabili palaw (chicken, rice, carrots, raisins)
Sambossas (like samosas)
Torshi (pickled vegetables)
Hawaiian sea salt
Deviled eggs
Turkey sandwich
Shrimp ‘n grits with rose marie sauce
Funnel cakes (Jaffa cakes actually)
Ambrosia (fruit salad)
Benne wafers (sesame cookies)
Bread pudding with whiskey sauce
Candied apples
Cobb salad
Corn on the cob
Creme fraiche
Eggs sardou (poached eggs with artichoke, spinach, hollandaise)
Gateau de crepes with creme St-Honore
Giant Syrian tomatoes
Green eggs and ham
Hash (meat, potatoes, onions)
Maine lobster
Maque choux (smothered corn)
Muffaletta (Italian sub sandwich)
Nova smoked salmon
Po’boy (seafood sandwich)
Saltwater taffy
Smoked salmon pizza with olive oil, dill creme and onions
Soft-shell crabs
Southern potato salad
Stone crabs
Sweet potatoes
Tuna salad sandwich
Wet bottom shoofly pie
White grapefruit
Chimichurri (parsley garlic oregano olive sauce)
Anoush aboor (honey rice pudding)
Pavlova (meringue with fruit)
Tiger prawns
Bayrische semmelknodel (stale bread dumplings)
Dobosctorte (multi thin layer sponge with chocolate and caramel)
Griessklosschen (semolina dumpling soup)
Kaiserschmarren (fluffy shredded pancake)
Kartoffelklosse (potato dumplings)
Plunder (pastry with cherries or apricot)
Sachertorte (chocolate apricot cake)
Schokoladen topfenpalatschinken (chocolate-topped crepes)
Serviettenkloss (napkin dumplings)
Wiener schnitzel (chicken/veal cutlets)
Aselila (egg salad with walnuts and sage)
Scordolea (walnut garlic sauce)
Endive au jambon sauce mornay (endives with ham and cream sauce)
Waterzooi a la gantoise (creamy fish or chicken stew)
Brazil nuts
Farofa (toasted cassava flour)
Feijoada (black bean and pork stew)
Moqueca (coconut fish stew)
Vatapa (shrimp peanut stew)
Bulgarian yogurt
Mamaliga and kachamak (corn porridge)
Rose petals
Mango panna cotta
Tong Yuen (sweet rice dumplings)
Calabaza (winter squash)
Callaloo (greens + coconut milk)
Star apple
Beijing kao ya (Peking duck)
Candied apple fritters
Chengdu ji (chicken with ginger, garlic, celery)
Chow mein
Chuk sun (bamboo shoots)
Chung yau bang (scallion pancake)
Dan dan mian (spicy noodles with pork and vegetables)
Dau mui (garlicky pea shoots)
Gai see guen (rice noodles with shredded chicken)
Gau choy (chives)
Grated turnip cakes with pork
Guk char siu bau (steamed pork buns)
Guotie (pork and cabbage dumplings)
Hai xian jiang (hoisin sauce)
Har gow (shrimp dumplings)
Huajiao (sichuan pepper)
Li-tzu-tan-kao (Peking dust – chestnut, cream and nut dessert)
Oolong tea
Parathas (flaky flatbread)
Qi guo ji (steam-pot chicken)
Seun lot tong (hot and sour soup)
Shi zi tou (stewed pork meatballs with cabbage)
Shiitake mushrooms with bok choy
Shiu mai (pork and mushroom dumplings)
Sichuan eggplant
Sijidou chao rousi (string beans with shredded pork)
Singapore mei fun (Singapore noodles like pad thai)
Siu loon bau (pork dumpling)
Spring rolls
Tianzha hetao (candied nuts)
XO sauce (spicy umami seafood sauce)
Colombian supremo coffee
Cascos de guayaba (guava shells in syrup)
Flaeskeaeggekage (bacon and egg pancake)
Frikadeller (meatballs)
Kamme (almond vanilla pastry combs)
Kodboller i selleri (meatballs with celery)
Kokt torsk (boiled cod)
Krammerhuse med flodeskum (crepe cake wraps with cream and jam)
Kransekager (marzipan ring cake)
Mordbrad med svedsker og aebler (roast pork loin with prune and apple stuffing)
Rejer (dilled shrimp)
Rodgrod med flode (red berry pudding)
Rodkal (red cabbage)
Smorrebrod (open faced dark rye sandwich)
Snegle (cinnamon swirl pastry)
Spandau (danishes)
Stykker (buns)
Wienerbrod (Danish pastry)
Banketletters (almond letter pastry)
Hutspot met klapstuk (mashed veggies with braised beef)
Uitsmijters and broodjes (fried eggs and ham on bread)
Poppy seed strudel
Sour cream
Biram ruzz (baked rice with chicken)
Eesh baladi (flatbread)
Feteer (filled pastry)
Ful medames (fava bean stew)
Karkade (hibiscus tea)
Kosheri (rice, lentils, pasta, chick pea dish)
Mahalabia (milk pudding)
Om ali (puff pastry, milk, nut dessert)
Tamia (fava bean fritters)
Bangers and mash
Cornish pasties
Digestive biscuits
Eccles cakes (small currant-filled cakes)
Gooseberry fool (cream and fruit dessert)
Mince pie
Mushy peas
Cumberland sauce (port currant sauce)
Scotch eggs
Smoked bacon butty (sandwich)
Toad in the hole (sausages in yorkshire pudding batter)
York ham with Madeira sauce
Berbere (spice mix)
Doro wett (spiced chicken stew)
Ethiopian coffee
T’ej (honey wine)
Yataklete kilkil (vegetable stew with garlic and ginger)
Yedoro shorba (chicken soup with garlic and ginger)
Aubergine en caton (roasted eggplant)
Baeckeoffe (potato turnip casserole)
Beurre d’Isigny (homemade butter?)
Bireweche (Christmas fruit bread)
Bouillabaisse (fish stew)
Bourride (aioli fish stew)
Brandade de morue (whipped cod and potatoes)
Calissons d’Aix (almond paste candy)
Charcuterie (deli plates)
Chou farci a la Grassoise (savoy cabbage)
Choucroute de navets (turnip sauerkraut)
Choucroute garnie (dressed cabbage with sausages and potatoes)
Clafoutis limousin (cherry cake)
Confiture de groseilles (gooseberry jam)
Crepes dentelles (crispy buttery cookies)
Croque madame (ham and cheese sandwich with a fried egg on top)
Croquembouche (choux puffs with caramel)
Gateau mille-feuilles (puff pastry slices with cream and chocolate)
Gateau pithiviers (2 puff pastry disks with apricot filling)
Gateau St. Honore (puff pastry, choux buns, pastry cream)
Grand Aioli
Kugelhopf (almond raisin brioche cake)
Narbonne honey
Oeufs a la neige and ile flottante (meringue and creme anglaise)
Olives nicoise
Pan bagnat (nicoise salad in a sandwich)
Poisson au beurre blanc
Pommes gaufrettes (waffle fries)
Poulet a l’estragon
Poulet farnese (roast chicken with hazelnuts and bay leaves)
Quenelles de brochet (fish cakes)
Radis au beurre
Salade Lyonnaise (frisee, bacon, poached egg)
Salsify (parsnip relative)
Socca (chickpea flour flatbread)
Sole a le meuniere (panfried sole with butter, lemon, parsley)
Soupe a l’oignon
Soupe au pistou (French minestrone)
Tarte tatin
Tate flambee alsacienne (cream, bacon, onion pizza)
Tourte de blette sucree (swiss chard tart)
Truite au bleu (poached trout with potatoes)
Tuiles (wafer cone cookies)
Lobio satsivi (green beans in walnut sauce)
Tkemali (plum sauce)
Baumkuchen / Jaffa cake
Berliner pfannkuchen (jam-filled iced donuts)
Bohmischer karpfen (bohemian carp)
Bratwurst (sausage)
Brezeln (pretzels)
Frankfurter pudding (almond raisin orange cake)
Gurkensalat (cucumber salad)
Mohr im hemd (chocolate hazelnut pudding)
Obstkuchen (fruit tart)
Palatschinken (crepes)
Rote grutze (red berry pudding)
Salkartoffeln (boiled potatoes)
Salzstangen (pretzel sticks)
Schillerlocken (pastry tubes with cream)
Streuselkuchen (crumb cake)
Weihnachtsgeback (Christmas cookies)
Westphalian pumpernickel
Greek salad
Pastitsio (Greek lasagna)
Diri ak djon-djon (black mushroom rice)
Halaszle (fisherman’s stew)
Sour cherries
Pogacsa (biscuits/scones)
Hungarian apple strudel
Szeged gulyas (pork goulash)
Rangpur lime
Biryani (mixed rice and meat)
Papadums (crisp flatbread)
Alphonso mango
Bhel puri (puffed rice, vegetables, and tamarind sauce)
Bitter melon
Chatni (chutney)
Darjeeling tea
Dhansak (meat with lentils and vegetables)
Dosa (rice crepes)
Ekuri (ginger scrambled eggs)
Kachori (samosa stuffed with dal)
Kulcha (flatbread)
Kulfi (Indian ice cream)
Lamb vindaloo (lamb curry)
Mulligatawny soup (coconut lentil carrot apple curry)
Pakora and bhajia (onion chick pea fritters)
Paratha (flatbread)
Phirni (rice/tapioca pudding)
Saag gosht (lamb and spinach curry)
Tandoori murgh (roasted yogurt-spiced chicken)
Thali: raita, sabzi, dum aloo, roti, pickles (platter)
Uthappam with raita (vegetable pizza/pancake with fermented batter)
Vagharela chawal ne murghi (caramelized rice with chicken curry)
Ajam roedjak (meat in spicy coconut milk)
Loempia (Indonesian spring rolls)
Nasi goreng (fried rice with meat and vegetables)
Nasi padang / rijsttafel (rice with a bunch of small plates)
Otak-otak (grilled fish cake)
Pisang goreng (banana fritters)
Rendang (spicy meat)
Sambal goreng (chili paste)
Seroendeng (spicy fried coconut condiment)
Soto ajam (chicken noodle soup)
Ash-e anar (pomegranate split pea soup with meatballs)
Chelo kebab (rice and kebabs)
Irish breakfast (bacon rashers, pork sausages, fried eggs (or scrambled), white pudding, black pudding, toast and fried tomato. Sauteed field mushrooms are also sometimes included, as well as baked beans, hash browns, liver, and brown soda bread)
Soda bread
Risotto bianco
Alici (anchovies with spaghetti)
Buccellato (fig and nut Christmas cake)
Cacio e pepe (spaghetti with pecorino and pepper)
Cappelletti (circular ravioli)
Carciofi romaneschi (herb-stuffed artichokes)
Carta da musica (semolina crackers)
Cassoeula (pork and cabbage)
Castagnaccio (chestnut cake)
Chicken cacciatore
Crauti (sauerkraut)
Culatello (ham)
Fichi ripieni al forno (figs stuffed with nuts)
Fritto misto di pesce
Gelato en briocha (brioche bun ice cream sandwich)
Giardiniera (pickled vegetables)
Grilled scampi with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic
Insalata di frutti di mare
Merluzzo in bianco
Mostarda di cremona (fruit / mustard condiment)
Olive all’ascolana
Open ravioli
Orzotto (barley risotto)
Pan de patata (potato bread)
Pane sciocco (bread without salt)
Panelle (chickpea fritters)
Panforte di Siena (chocolate, fruit, nut chewy dessert)
Panzanella (bread, tomato, onion salad)
Peperoni arrostiti
Pizzoccheri (short buckwheat tagliatelle)
Pollo al mattone (chicken grilled with a brick)
Puntarelle (chicory)
Rao’s lemon chicken
Risotto al frutti di mare
Risotto Milanese (parmesan saffron risotto)
Risotto saltato (leftover risotto pancakes)
Sartu di riso (rice with meat sauce, peas, mushrooms)
Shaved ice
Spaghetti a vongole
Spaghetti gricia (bacon, pecorino, pepper)
Sugo di uva (grape pudding)
Tartufi ice cream
Tirami su
Black fruitcake (rum-soaked burnt sugar fruitcake)
Blue mountain coffee
Meat patties
Sorrel punch (hibiscus drink)
Kohaku suzuke (pickled cucumbers)
Bean paste mochi
Chawanmushi (savory egg custard)
Chirashi sushi
Hakuto no dengaku (miso-glazed eggplant)
Hiyayakko (chilled tofu)
Kabocha no sawayaka ni (lemon-simmered kabocha squash)
Kamameshi (mixed rice pilaf)
Kasutera (sponge cake)
Kyuri (Japanese cucumber)
Loquat (fruit)
Matsutake (mushroom)
Natto (fermented soybeans)
Nuta (mustard-miso dressing)
Ochazuke (rice with poured tea, salmon, vegetables)
Senbei (rice crackers)
Shabu-shabu (hotpot)
Subasu (lotus root)
Tamagoyaki (rolled omelette)
Wagyu (kobe beef)
Washoku (traditional Japanese cooking)
Yakitori (chicken skewers)
Yuzu (citrus)
Berengena frita (fried eggplant)
Bialys (flatbread bagels)
Charoset (dark fruit nut paste)
Chelo (Persian rice)
Cholent (slow cooked beef bean potato onion honey paprika stew)
Choresh bademjon (eggplant tomato stew)
Choresh qormeh sabzi (green herb, bean, and meat stew)
Gehakte leber (chopped liver and onions)
Halvah (sweet sesame treat)
Hamantaschen and orejas de haman (poppyseed filled pocket cookies)
Keftes de prasa (leek patties)
Knishes (baked dumplings with meat, potatoes, kraut)
Kookoo sabzi (green Persian frittata)
Lekach (honey ginger cake)
Matzo brei (scrambled matzo with eggs)
Megina (Passover meat casserole/pie)
Mushroom and barley soup
Nigella sativa (black cumin)
Nohut (chick pea stew)
Passover sponge cake
Pickled green peppers
Pizza ebraica (sweet filled cookie with nuts, raisins, wine, fruit)
Shvartze retach mit schmaltz (radish onion relish)
Silan (date honey syrup)
Sorrel (dandelion)
Gochujang (chili paste)
Japchae (noodle stirfry)
Saenggang cha (ginger tea)
Yangnyeom dak (sweet and sour chicken)
Arepas (corn patties)
Picadillo (ground meat, raisins, olives, tomato, spices)
Tostones (fried plantains)
Kibbeh (bulgur, onion, meat croquettes)
Asam laksa (spicy salmon noodle soup)
Kuih (steamed coconut rice custard cake)
Nasi ayam (chicken fried rice)
Nyonya rojak (savory fruit and vegetable salad)
Poh piah (fresh spring roll)
Pulot hitam (black sticky rice pudding)
Huachinango a la veracruzana (snapper with wine, olives, raisins, spices)
Huevos rancheros (tortilla, egg, salsa, beans)
Mole (chocolate chili sauce)
Natilla (vanilla lemon cinnamon egg custard)
Sopa de tortilla
Verduras en escabeche (citrus pickled vegetables)
Baba ghanoush (eggplant dip)
Borek (stuffed phyllo pastry)
Cacik (cucumber yogurt dip)
Nan-o panir-o-gerdu (feta walnut spread)
Semsemiyeh (sesame candy)
Za’atar (toasted sesame seed spice mix)
Briks and briouats (Moroccan samosas)
Kab el ghzal (almond-filled crescent cookies)
M’hanncha (almond pastry snake cake)
Mssiyar (pickled lemons)
Sweet and savory roasted fish
Piri-piri shrimp (shrimp in red pepper sauce)
Akara (black eyed pea fritters)
Efo riro (spinach stew)
Chakchouka (eggs baked in tomato, onion, pepper)
Chermoula (herb garlic lemon marinade)
Harira (tomato lentil chickpea meat soup)
Matbucha (tomato and pepper salad)
Rice pilaf
Tagine (vegetable casserole)
Choclo (giant corn)
Papa morada (sweet corn pudding)
Pollo a la brasa (marinated roasted chicken)
Bigos (cabbage sausage stew)
Kutya (sweet wheat berry pudding)
Mazurek (sweet, flat jam cake)
Fios de ovos (egg yolks boiled in sugar syrup into threads)
Malasadas (yeast donut)
Borscht (beet soup)
Chervil (French parsley)
Guriev kasha (sweet kasha porridge)
Kotlety pozharskie (ground chicken cutlet)
Paska (Easter bread)
Kvass (fermented rye drink)
Marinovannye griby (marinated mushrooms)
Pelmeni (filled meat dumplings with sour cream)
Knackebrod (multiseed crispbread)
Lefse (potato flatbread)
Lompe (wraps)
Rugbrod (Danish rye bread)
Wienerpolser (hot dogs)
Langoustines with hollandaise sauce
Hibiscus petal juice
Mafe (meat-tomato-peanut butter stew)
Palaver sauce (stew of meat, fish, greens)
Thiakry (sweet millet pudding)
Thiebu djen (fish and rice stew)
Torta od oraha (walnut cake)
Lassi (fruit yogurt drink)
Murtabak (spicy folded omelette pancake with vegetables)
Bobotie (curried meat and fruit casserole with egg topping)
Bunny chow (bread loaf filled with curry)
Fufu dumplings (yam dumplings)
Imifino patties (greens and cornmeal patties)
Ithanga (pumpkin fritters)
Koeksisters (sticky braided donuts)
Mbatata (sweet potato cookies)
Rock lobster
Rooibos tea
Sik sik wat (beef red pepper stew)
Simsim (sesame seed honey balls)
Umngqusho (baked curry beans and potatoes)
Durian fruit
Rambutan fruit
Tamarind fruit
Tortilla espanola (egg and potato omelet)
Caldo gallego (white bean and greens soup)
Dulce de cascara de naranja amarga (marmalae)
Huevos estrellados (broken eggs, ham, peppers)
Jabugo ham
Mariscada en salsa verde (seafood stew in green sauce)
Paella with saffron (seafood, sausage, rice)
Sopa de ajo castellana (garlic soup with eggs)
Arter med flask (pea soup with pork)
Hasselbackspotatis (baked potatoes)
Platter (Swedish pancakes)
Semlor / fastelavnsboller (cardamom sweet buns with almond filling and whipped cream)
Meat fondue
Rosti (hash browns)
Schenkele (beignets)
Zuger kirschtorte (cherry meringue sponge torte)
Gai yang (Thai marinated grilled chicken)
Ginger fried rice
Kaeng musmun (Massaman thai curry)
Kaeng phet (red curry)
Mee krob (crispy stir-fried noodles)
Sangkhaya (coconut custard)
Sriracha sauce
Tom kha gai (chicken coconut soup)
Bulgur pilaf
Cerkez tavugu (Circassian chicken with walnuts)
Kilic sis (BBQ fish skewers)
Lahmajoun (Armenian ground beef pizza)
Manti (meat dumplings with egg pasta dough and garlic yogurt sauce)
Rahat lokum (Turkish delight)
Simit (sesame seed bread ring)
Smyrna figs
Tsetov gangar (artichoke, lemon, potato salad)
Turkish coffee
Korovai (decorated braided bread)
Kotlety po-kievski (Chicken kiev)
Pho bo
Bun cha gio (pork and noodle salad)
Ca chien (fried fish)
Cha ca la vong (turmeric and dill fish)
Chao tom (sugar cane shrimp)
Goi du du (green papaya salad)
GBB1 Week 1 – Cake: Victoria Sponge Cake
GBB1 Week 5 – Pastry: Cornish Pasty
GBB2 Week 1 – Cake: Coffee and Walnut Battenberg
GBB2 Week 3 – Bread: Foccaccia
GBB2 Week 4 – Biscuits: Brandy Snaps
GBB2 Week 7 – Patisserie: Iced Buns
GBB2 Week 8 – The Final: Sachertorte
GBB3 Week 1 – Cake: Rum Baba
GBB3 Week 3 – Tart: Treacle Tart
GBB3 Week 4 – Desserts: Crème Caramel
GBB3 Week 7 – Sweet Dough: Jam Doughnut
GBB3 Week 8 – Biscuits: Chocolate Teacakes
GBB3 Week 9 – Patisserie: Fraiser Cake
GBB3 Week 10 – The Final: Fondant Fancies
GBB4 Week 1 – Cake: Angel Food Cake
GBB4 Week 3 – Desserts: Floating Islands
GBB4 Week 4 – Pies and Tarts: Egg Custard Tarts
GBB4 Week 5 – Biscuits and Traybakes: Tuiles
GBB4 Week 6 – Sweet Dough: Apricot Couronne
GBB4 Week 7 – Pastry: Religieuses
GBB4 Week 8 – Quarter Final: Hazelnut Dacquoise
GBB4 Week 9 – Semi Final: Charlotte Royal
GBB4 Week 10 – The Final: Pretzels
GBB5 Week 1 – Cake: Cherry Cake
GBB5 Week 2 – Biscuits: Florentines
GBB5 Week 4 – Desserts: Tiramisu Cakes
GBB5 Week 5 – Pies and Tarts: Mini Pear Pies
GBB5 Week 6 – European Cakes: Prinsesstarta
GBB5 Week 7 – Pastries: Kouign-Amann
GBB5 Week 9 – Patisserie: Schichttorte
GBB6 Week 1 – Cake: Frosted Walnut Layer Cake
GBB6 Week 2 – Biscuits: Ariettes
GBB6 Week 4 – Desserts: Spanische Windtorte
GBB6 Week 6 – Pastry: Flaounes
GBB6 Week 7 – Victorian: Tennis Cake
GBB6 Week 8 – Patisserie: Mokatines
GBB6 Week 9 – Chcolate: Chocolate Souffle
GBB6 Week 10 – The Final: Millie-feuille
GBB7 Week 1 – Cake: Jaffa Cakes
GBB7 Week 2 – Biscuits: Viennese Whirls
GBB7 Week 4 – Batter: Lace Pancakes
GBB7 Week 6 – Botanical: Fresh Herb Fougasse
GBB7 Week 7 – Dessert: Marjolaine
GBB7 Week 8 – Tudor: Jumble Biscuits
GBB7 Week 9 – Patisserie: Savarin with Chantilly Cream
GBB7 Week 10 – Final: Victoria Sandwich
GBB8 Week 1- Chocolate Mini Rolls
GBB8 Week 2 – Fortune Cookies
GBB8 Week 4 – Stroopwafels
GBB8 Week 5 – Molten Chocolate Puddings
GBB8 Week 6 – Pastéis de Nata
GBB8 Week 8 – Cumberland Rum Nicky
GBB8 Week 9 – Les Misérables Slices
GBB8 Week 10 – Iced Ginger Biscuits
GBB9 Week 1- Wagon Wheels
GBB9 Week 2 – Le Gâteau Vert
GBB9 Week 4 – Raspberry Blancmange with 12 Langues du Chat Biscuits
GBB9 Week 5 – Ma’amoul
GBB9 Week 6 – Puits d’amour
GBB9 Week 7 – Vegan Tropical Fruit Pavlova
GBB9 Week 8 – Æbleskiver
GBB9 Week 9 – Torta Setteveli
GBB9 Week 10 – Campfire Pita Breads
GBB10 Week 1- Angel Slices
GBB10 Week 2 – Fig Rolls
GBB10 Week 4 – Maids of Honour
GBB10 Week 5 – Beignet Souffles
GBB10 Week 6 – Verrines
GBB10 Week 7 – Sicilian Cassatelles
GBB10 Week 9 – Gâteau Saint Honoré
GBB10 Week 10 – Stilton Soufflés

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