Welcome friend, I’m Chef Maitri! For 20 years, I was a scientist researching cancer, Alzheimer’s and women’s health issues – all of which run in my family. I also started and sold 2 biotech companies, and raised 4 kids. After seeing the overwhelming evidence for a whole foods plant-based diet and meditation to help all of these diseases, I became a chef and zen practitioner. I graduated from London’s Vegan Chef School in 2021. Eating this way is also something we can all do to help our planet.

“Maitri’s cooking is literally sunshine on a plate!”

— Chef Day Radley, Founder of The Vegan Chef School

“We should consume in a way that helps to reduce the suffering of living beings and preserve compassion in our heart.”

— Thich Nhat Hanh, Founder of Plum Village