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Canadian Butter Tarts (plant-based, gluten-free option)

It’s like a mini pecan pie but with raisins instead of pecans. We couldn’t find Canadian butter tarts in the US, so we made them ourselves.

Chick’n Leek and Potato Pie (plant-based)

I adapted this chick’n, leek and potato pie to be vegan. These make great picnic snacks too if there are any leftovers from dinner.

Soft, Sweet Challah (plant-based)

This soft, sweet challah is one of the best loaves of bread I’ve ever baked! It disappeared in no time into happy, hungry mouths.

Butternut Gnocchi with Tomato and Sage (plant-based, gluten-free)

This is my Italian grandparents’ gnocchi recipe as I remember it, except I like to make butternut squash gnocchi sometimes instead of potato, and I made it vegan and gluten-free.

Ratatouille, Pixar-Style (plant-based, gluten-free)

We’ve watched the Pixar movie Ratatouille at least a dozen times, but have never worked up the courage to actually make the film’s signature dish. We decided to give it a go. The hardest part is all the slicing of the vegetables. Other than that, it’s easy and fun to put together this healthy French delicacy.

Dad’s Porridge (plant-based, gluten-free)

Growing up, porridge was the one recipe I got from my wonderful Dad. And the dad in our family now makes porridge for us too!

Welcome friend, I’m Chef Maitri! For 20 years, I was a scientist researching cancer, Alzheimer’s and women’s health issues – all of which run in my family. I raised 2 kids, started and sold 2 biotech companies, and have survived domestic violence and chronic pain. After seeing the overwhelming evidence for a whole foods plant-based diet and meditation to help with physical and emotional healing, I became a chef and zen practitioner. I graduated from London’s Vegan Chef School in 2021. Eating this way is also something we can all do to help our planet.

“Maitri’s cooking is literally sunshine on a plate!”

— Chef Day Radley, Founder of The Vegan Chef School

“We should consume in a way that helps to reduce the suffering of living beings and preserve compassion in our heart.”

— Thich Nhat Hanh, Founder of Plum Village